Dear Classmate,

I hope you’re having a wonderful summer! In this June issue of our class newsletter, we renew our call for a few volunteer positions we’d love your help with, and we continue on our Classmate Spotlight series, where we highlight an ’07 classmate and let them share some current and campus memories, with “C for Chris”, by shining the spotlight on Chris Lee! (If you’d like to be considered for a future Classmate Spotlight, email Jean at – volunteers always welcome! Otherwise, be on the lookout for me picking on your inbox…)

Calling all volunteers!

• Class Service Project: Are you interested in putting together an ’07 class service event for Princeton’s Month of Service in January 2022?
• Social Media Chair: Are you facile with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and interested in helping connect the class virtually? We’d love to have some more manpower aboard, particularly as we pick up steam and move toward our 15th Reunion.
• Assist with an Princetoniana Committee initiative to collect photos of our major Reunions costumes: The Princetoniana Committee — the keepers of all things Orange & Black – has created and maintains a digital museum. We invite all classes to submit their major reunion costumes (not class blazers) for inclusion in the digital museum. The Princetoniana Committee is looking for a small number of high-quality images; you wish to stage an after-the-fact photo shoot. The focus would be on collecting images from prior major Reunions, and you would be encouraged to stay involved for future Reunions to come.

Please email Jean at if you are interested in any of these initiatives!

Class Dues for ’21-’22 Year

We want to remind you about our annual class dues. These dues go toward payment of our class’ semi-annual PAW (Princeton Alumni Weekly magazine) and Alumni Council dues. To the extent there are extra funds, we would love to sponsor regional events and other class initiatives (however, we have not been in a position to do so in recent years). We follow the University’s fiscal calendar, so we have started our 2021-2022 year as of July 1st, 2021. We have increased our annual dues this year (our 15th) to $50.07, and you can also instead donate at the leadership level for $115.07. We appreciate all your support as we work to shore up our class finances. The link to pay your class dues is here. As always, your dues are tax-deductible. Unsure whether you’ve paid for this year? Drop Jon a line at

Have a wonderful weekend,

Jean, Joe, Jon, and P.G.